Lewis Capaldi admits it will be difficult to follow-up to his record-breaking debut album

Lewis Capaldi admits it will be really difficult to write a follow-up to his record-breaking debut album. Buy tickets below.

The Scottish pop star had the fastest-selling record of 2019 with 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent', but he has admitted he "doesn't know" if he "has another one in in him".

He said: "I’ll try to write a new album and it will probably not be as good as the first one.

"Cause let’s face it I have a good album – the first album done very well, very happy so pleased, excited – but I don’t know if I've got another one in me.

"It takes so long, no one tells you that.

"I’ll try to write an album and I’ll try and make it not terrible. "That’s what I’ll try to do, but again, I can’t promise anything."

However, Lewis admitted that he'll probably get the first single for his second album out before the end of the year.
He added of his plans for 2020: "Yeah, it’s a really good question, it’s gonna be a good year; going to try to lose some weight. I’ll probably want to release the first single to my second album by the end of 2020."

The 'Someone You Loved' hitmaker considers himself more of a songwriter than a singer, and admitted it would be "lovely" to be able to belt out a song like Ariana Grande.

He told Singapore's August Man magazine: "I say probably a songwriter.

"If we’re talking technically, I’m not that good of a singer.

"I got like three notches and a bit of falsetto.

"That said, if you look at someone like Beyonce, or Adele or Amy Winehouse, or Ariana Grande, these people are singers, they are incredible singers and I think if you’re comparing them to my voice, you’d go, 'Oh Ariana Grande is definitely a much better singer.'

"I suppose some people have preferences but you’re talking about preference, so if you’re talking about technicality, I never see myself as that good of a singer.

"I like how my voice sounds but I never see it as that as anything bigger like, 'Woah look at all this', I can’t do that.
"So for that reason, I’ll always be like one of those songwriters. "If I didn’t write my own songs I wouldn’t be here.
"I like playing the songs I’ve written live, and seeing the reaction of it.

"But you know if I can sing like Ariana Grande that would be lovely."

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