Paul McCartney didn't recognise FourFiveSeconds hit after Kanye West changed the key

Paul McCartney didn't recognise the hit he recorded with Kanye West when he first heard it, because the rapper had given it a major overhaul.

The former Beatles star and Kanye met up for a top secret songwriting session that began with Paul strumming on his guitar as the rap star looked at photos of his wife, Kim Kardashian, on his iPad - but the get together quickly became productive following a chat about sex.

The conversation broke the ice and the two superstars were off and running.

Several months later, West sent McCartney a completed song, which also featured Rihanna.

"I was sitting around, just strumming a little groove... and nobody said, 'Let's make a song of that'," he tells Billboard, "but months later I got a song with Rihanna on it and I said, 'Where am I?'

"I didn't recognise it because they changed the key."

But Paul is still a big fan of FourFiveSeconds, adding, "I thought that record was great. Every time we go to a club, my wife Nancy requests it."

He and Kanye also worked on another tune, Only One, which was inspired by their mothers' deaths.

"We were telling stories, and at one point I told him how Let It Be came from a dream about my mother, who had died years before, where she said, 'Don't worry, just let it be'.

"He (West) said, 'I'm going to write a song about my mother', so I sat down at this little Wurlitzer keyboard and started playing some chords, and he started singing. I thought, 'Oh, are we going to finish this?' but that was that. And it became Only One."

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