Liam Fray: It feels like we’ve gone somewhere different

The Courteeners on the band’s newfound confidence and the power of music

The Courtneeners front man Liam Fray joined Absolute Radio Presenter Danielle Perry backstage at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival to chat about the healing remedy of their ‘euphoric’ gigs to division in the country, how this era of music is their best yet and that they are enjoying being rid of pressures as regulars on the music scene. Liam also teased when the new single would be out… if he finally decides.

On the euphoric responses at their gigs, Liam said: “It is nice. It’s weird cause it’s a communal thing, there’s a lot of division going on at the minute and it feels like music is the one thing where people go and go and forget stuff for an hour or a few days or whatever. It feels like everyone’s rooting for the same team.”

On their new sound, Liam said: “I feel that with our third album we went up a notch, you know? I feel like we’ve done that again. We’ve kicked it up a gear. It feels like we’ve gone somewhere different.”

On the strength of the band today, Liam said: “Bands must get that feeling when they’re running out of stuff. This feels like the opposite. It just felt really re-energized and the crowds are getting bigger and the crowds are getting younger and it’s like, wow, well this isn’t going anywhere.”

On being an established artist, Liam said: “We’re in such a lucky position that we can tour now. We got dropped after our second record - if two songs didn’t get on the radio, you’re dropped. You know, it’s not as important for us. Maybe it is for other people. But, for us it’s not now cause we’ve been around for such a while that we’re established”.

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