Offset involved in Twitter dispute over anti-abortion bill post

Rapper Offset has involved himself in a Twitter dispute after receiving ridicule for making a spelling error while tweeting about Alabama's anti-abortion bill.

Many celebrities have expressed their outrage about the controversial HB 314 bill, known as the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, which serves as a near-total ban on terminations, and the Migos star weighed in over the weekend when he tweeted: "New laws is slavory To force a rape victim to keep a child is SLAVORY IM NOT PROUD TO SAY IM FROM AMERICA!!! (sic)."

The tweet caught the attention of 16-year-old political activist and commentator CJ Pearson, who supports U.S. President Donald Trump, and he ridiculed Offset, real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus, for his spelling mistake while accusing him of cheating on his rapper wife Cardi B.

"Offset - in between cheating on your wife @iamcardib - I hope you take the time to pick up a dictionary," Pearson replied. "It's slavery, not 'slavory'. And if you're not proud to be an American: leave."

The 27-year-old responded by asking Pearson, who is African-American, why banning abortions is more important to Republicans than tackling police brutality.

"And in between ur time you should look at yourself in the mirror and ask your self why you as a black men (man) support republicans and trump people who give a f*k about abortions more then black men gettin kill and targeted by police .B L E S S U P B R O T H E R (sic)," he wrote.

Pearson replied with a series of politically charged tweets in which he stated he will not allow the colour of his skin to dictate his beliefs and that his resolve would not be weakened by those who had been sending him death threats over his messages to Offset.

Before the exchange, the hip-hop star, who was hit with infidelity rumours before his brief split from Cardi last year, acknowledged he'd made a typo, writing, "I miss spelled the word from anger sorry yal smh (shaking my head) (sic)."

The rappers, who are parents to 10-month-old daughter Kulture, reconciled earlier this year.

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